Dream | Plan | Get it Done | 2020 English by cristina Londono

Dream | Plan | Get it Done | 2020 English

In 2020 align the Dreamer, Planner and Alchemist within to create your best year so far!

Planning propels you so much closer to actually achieving what you imagine.  

Do you have lots of ideas about what your life could be like, but struggle to make them happen? 
Maybe you feel disconnected from what 2020 will bring or want to find more meaning in your work.  
OR perhaps you already have a big vision for what you want to achieve, but are unsure where to start.

In my first workshop of 2020 I got to teach Live what it really takes to align goals (and make them happen,) from the inside out. 
This course gives you a chance to join me through that process.


  • How to brainstorm strategically and identify the dreams that best align with who you are.
  • NLP techniques to help you connect with your wise guiding intuition and avoid self-sabotage.
  • How to call on the planner within to find the habits, tools, space and team you need to achieve your goals.
  • Processes for translating your big ideas into calendar entries and action steps.
  • A ritual for communicating your intention to your wise subconscious mind and sending it out into the world.

What's included?

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