Get it Done, The Toolkit by cristina Londono

Get it Done, The Toolkit

A carefully curated set of tools to have up your sleeve for moments of overwhelm, fear and self-doubt. A path for aligning your dreams with your inner captain, to stay on track.

What's included?

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Align Vision
Align Vision
Align the Vision Visualisation _Guided Visualisation.mp3
19 mins
Refine ideas
Refine Ideas
Ideas Matrix
638 KB
Rapid Prototype Handbook
427 KB
Clear The Voices
Clear Old Stories
Clear the Voices-Guided Visualisation.mp3
9 mins
Find Focus
Find Focus
Batch Planner
436 KB
Daily Planner
846 KB
Monthly Planner
624 KB
Task Organizer
635 KB
Stop Shrinking
Stop Shrinking
Lush Affirmation Cards
1.29 MB
Midnight Affirmation Cards
2 MB
Sunset Affirmation Cards
2.03 MB
The Way We Shrink Handbook
434 KB
The Courage Anchor Handbook
451 KB