On-Brand. Hour Session with Cristina by cristina Londono

On-Brand. Hour Session with Cristina

What your On-Brand Session is about...

Hello there!
I am the founder of Wallnut Studio. A Brand Strategy Agency and Design Consultancy devoted to bringing out the best in female entrepreneurs. With 20+ years of experience building brands, I combine Brand Strategy with the process of inner change to create powerful heart-driven brands from the inside-out.

My nature is to dive deep and ask the big questions. As a designer with an unusually curious left brain, I’m obsessed with the practicalities of business and the process of inner-transformation that ignites entrepreneurial endeavours.

Years of developing brands has given me a deep understanding of how female entrepreneurs think and feel. Now I work closely with clients, mentoring them from dream to action.

There’s nothing I love more than untangling a messy brand and turning a complex business vision into a memorable offering. I have made it my thing to research and understand what’s required to combine creativity, a business idea and a healthy mindset with a set of clear action steps and a ‘brand plan’.

Over the past decade, my team and I have created and launched brands all over the world. Our clients’ businesses have flourished and grown. What started as a pure design studio has grown into a consulting firm focused on developing Brand Strategies and experiences for heart-powered brands.

With my help, clients create unforgettable brand experiences that deliver on promises and generate profit. The brand strategy we create together aligns your business, big ideas, and heart. Together, we distill the essence of your brand and develop a solution that feels right inside and out.

A one-hour session might be just want you to need to get back on track, feeling clear and unstuck!

Topics to chat about:
-Brand Feedback
-Brand Voice and Message
-Brand Idea Development
-Getting unstuck with too many ideas
-Marketing guidance
-Positioning Strategy
-Brand Experience
-Product Development and Feedback
-Social Media Development
-Inner growth and mindset for entrepreneurs
...and more...
Each session includes:
-Cristina’s prep work for your call. You will be sent a set of questions to answer prior to the call to stay on track and have better use of your time
-1-hour conversation with Cristina via Zoom about any topic required for your business or brand.
- Upon request, you can receive an audio recording of your session at no additional cost, to be downloaded within 48 hours past your call.
- No additional session notes will be provided.

Once you pay for your On-Brand, One-hour session, you will receive access to my calendar to schedule your session. Keep in mind that for those in the Americas, the sessions will take place early morning or early evening your time, on a weekday. 
I’m located in Perth, Western Australia.
If you require a specific time-slot please message me at [email protected] to confirm my availability before purchasing your session. There are no cancellations or refunds.


Cristina kept me focused on my priorities pre-launch whilst providing invaluable advice and guidance on my brand’s positioning, communication and marketing. She is a trusted and esteemed sounding board and I continue to find her advice and guidance invaluable. What is most unique about Cristina is her ability to simultaneously positively impact your personal development and self awareness. She’s professional, kind, caring, intelligent and provides a global and leading edge perspective. I am extremely grateful to Cristina for her service and soul!
Melissa Italiano, Melis Perfumery
Cristina is a dream to work with! We consulted with her on ideas for our brand's design direction and launch of the collection. She was a great sounding board for all our ideas, always prepared for the calls, guided us through the process and gave valuable inputs which helped make the collection a success with our customer. She's the perfect mix of designer, marketer, strategist, and aesthete. Such a rare combination!
Avneet Mann, The Wishing Chair
Something magical happens when I collaborate with Cristina!  Of course she offers professionalism and strategic thinking but there is so much more that Cris brings to the table.  Projects transform and gain their own momentum.  Creativity and confidence seem to blossom, ideas take shape and grow and the project at hand develops a real personality.  Cris's passion and talent, mixed together with her ability to encourage, challenge and stimulate ideas in a professional and caring manner, makes her a respected choice when I have a project that I need help with.

Katrina Lodge
I really have grown and progressed exponentially since starting this incredible journey with you. Your spirit, strength, wisdom, and effervescence astound me. I could honestly listen to you talk all day! 
Jade Cartwright
Cristina brought one of my most sought after dreams to life. She assisted to craft the story of me and my passion and then wove it into a packaged product that would help me reach my audience. I really enjoyed the journey into why I was doing this and what I wanted to do as a goal. 
Beautiful artistry and a Friendly inspiring nature - the experience left me touched, loved and inspired about my brand.

Pamella Zakostelsky, Founder Miss Vitality
And once again I am so grateful to have found you - I really need this help to get where I want to be! As you say I do the work, but you are so gifted at getting me on the path, shining a light on the weak spots and getting everything sorted. And of course reminding me what I need to be reminded of! Wow you are really clever!
Marion O’Leary Director | Mokosh
Working with Cristina has been an amazing experience.  When I first met Cristina, I only had a barebones of an idea for a business that I wanted to start and I wasn't even sure it was something that was viable.  I had no business background and no experience in the industry I wanted to move into.  Through our sessions and the "homework" she assigned me, I quickly came to realize that I absolutely could do it. I cannot recommend Cristina more highly - time with her is an investment in yourself and your business.
Marisa Walsh, Mercury Clothiers


Do you offer consulting sessions for those outside of Australia?

Yes. If you require a specific time-slot please message me at [email protected] before purchasing your session to confirm availability

How much of a difference can one session make?

If you take action on my recommendations and follow the resources I provide, a single session can be incredibly powerful and a great investment in your brand. Check what my clients say about our work together in the testimonials above!

Can I continue my work with you after this first session?

You certainly can. I only take a couple of mentoring clients per month, after our session together we can discuss some of the packages I have available and take our work together further if I think I can support you in what you need mentoring for.

What happens if I decided to cancel after purchase?

There are no cancellations or refunds after your purchase.

Can the session be in Spanish?

Claro que sí! I work in both languages!

Can my business partner be in the call?

Sure. Just provide your partner with the call log-ins and we can make it happen!